Silent Non Explosive Demolition Agent BRISTAR

Bristar have been in the market for over 30 years, the pioneer of non-explosive demolition agent in the world.

Bristar offers many benefits to concrete or rock demolition projects that are unattainable by traditional demolition methods. Due to safety, noise and environmental constrains on many concrete or rock demolition work sites, the use of jackhammers, explosives or heavy machinery are not always te best demolition techniques to utilize.

Often work sites are located in areas where environmental disruptions must be kept to a minimum. If this is the case, then Bristar is a proven silent demolition alternative that offers the flexibility to handle many different types of concrete breaking and rock demolition.



1. No Fly Rock

2. Dust Free

3. Controlled Demolition

4. Vibration Free

5. No License Required

6. Silent Operation




Silent Demolition Agent, Bristar is controlled demolition at its finest with it’s non explosive rock breaking that will eliminate the noise, danger and environmental impact that are inherent with heavy equipment, jackhammers and explosives.

Once hole have been drilled in the concrete or rock and Bristar has been properly applied, then Bristar will silently goes to work, cracking the surface in a predictable manner and time frame.





– Reinforced Concrete Cracking
– Bridge/ Jetty Pier and Cap Demolition
– Concrete Structure/Foundation Removal
– Rock Excavation
– Rock Trenching
– Retaining Wall Demolition

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